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Megrex LLC

Dear valued partners,

As the company bearing responsibility towards its customers and partners, we would like to sum up our growth results for 2018 and share it with you.

We can openly say that 2018 was quite productive year for us. We’ve gained the success and growth in almost all fields of services which are offered by the company. Regardless of difficulties and problems in several fields we could close the year with the positive indicators.

IMPORT – the number of imported by us shipments were increased by 103%. Main origin countries of imported cargo were Germany, Poland, China, Turkey, Russia, India.

EXPORT – the number of exported by us shipments were increased in by 89 %. Main destination countries: Poland, Germany, Italy, India, The Czech Republic.

TRANSIT – the biggest growth indicator was found in this field: 200%. Main origin and destination countries: India, China, Turkey, Armenia.
CUSTOMER – the tireless campaign for attracting new customers, lots of meetings and good reputation at the market did a great job, thus as a result we’ve got 140% more customers in 2018. 90% of our new customers are residents of Georgia. Some of them reside in UK, India, Hungary, Slovakia.

TURNOVER – and finally: financial turnover. This is a field depended and linked directly to the indicators above, so the productivity in working process has effected company’s financial turnover significantly: we did show 82% growth of turnover in comparison with 2017.


Thus, we strongly believe that these numbers are the result of hard working, devoted approach to the business and quality services. And we keep the tempo going...