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About xChange

xChange is your specialized online marketplace for one-way SOC containers. With SOC containers, you can achieve not only lower ocean freight rates due to SOC discounts from shipping lines but you also get more flexibility in pickup and dropoff dates/locations. Last but not least, you will also never have toworry about demurrage and detention anymore, as the daily rental for a one-way container is only 1-2 USD per day max!

Strongest regions/deepest liquidity: xChange is active globally in ~2500 locations but the areas with the deepest liquidity are
• Intra-Asia (including Middle East and India): ~55% of liquidity
• Intra-Europe: ~25%
• China to US/EU/ANZ (mostly newbuilt container units) and vice-versa: ~20%

Services Offered

Find partners for SOC containers/ one-way moves and manage the entire transaction process online

We launched our public search feature that basically enables everyone to do searches on xChange (with real data).
Just type in your locations and select the container type and quantity needed. The platform then gives you a list of vetted partners that fit to your needs in less than a second.
Go through the list of offers and learn more about your partner’s performance on xChange as well as how they’re rated by other members. The only hook is that people of course have to sign-up to get deal details and the company names for privacy reasons.

Follow this link and try our free search: https://container-xchange.com/search-results/


Christian Roeloffs
Managing Director
+49 174 2174 526

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