SCN Covid-19: Cyber Meeting – “Opening Up after Covid-19” – Monday 11th May, 2020

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Following the continued success of our web meetings between SCN members around the world, please sign up for our next encounters so that you can share and learn from experiences around the world with SCNers. This time, we are looking at how and when we are all opening up, what works and what we still need to be careful with.

This time, we will be holding the “Americas” meeting in Spanish, for the ease of all our members in South & Central America. ¡Conecta y participa con nosotros!

Monday 11th May, 2020:     “Opening Up after Covid-19.”

JOIN US to share your info on how you see your economies and businesses as we open up… what?





Also, do not forget to check:

-Our COVID-19 AVAILABLE MEDICAL SUPPLIES with details of medical equipment through SCN members

-SCN’s COUNTRY ACTIVITY STATUS with information by members on what is operating in your country


If you have any questions regarding this web meeting, please do not hesitate in contacting us