SCN Cyber Meeting – “Trade in 2021: New Possibilites or New Problems” – Wednesday 20th January, 2021

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Wednesday 20th January, 2021 Trade in 2021: New Possibilites or New Problems

After a challenging year in 2020, this year’s trade starts with changes- Are they “new trade blocks” or “blocks on trade”.


RCEP: 15 member countries of Asia-Pacific accounting for over 30% of the worlds GDP come together and look to eliminate 90% of tariffs between these countries. Will it pull the economic centre of gravity of the world to Asia?

AfCFTA: 44 African states come together to promote trade between nations of the trade block. This will allow freer movement of people, goods and investment to promote Africa’s influence around the globe.

Brexit: Great Britain finally departs from the European Union and initiates trade with the European block as a separate country. A provisional agreement will allow goods to move mainly with zero duty and without quotas between the markets.


How will they affect your country, your company and your services? To learn more, connect up with your SCN community to share your thoughts and learn from others in this every developing landscape of global movements and global trade. Where should you be aiming your commercial gaze and efforts in the near future, and do you have the right partner for that?


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