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The main objective of SCN is to create a united community and facilitate interactions between members. For that reason we created different WhatsApp Groups where you all are welcome. Let’s explain what can find

SCN Member’s Help Group

The “main” group. Here you can ask for assistance or for an agent (if there is none on the web). Sign up to ask and of course help out your fellow SCN members

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SCN Project Cargo

For members specialized on projects….and we know there are a lot of you out there. Flash photos of your projects to other members, or ask for specific assistance to those who’ll understand you

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SCN LCL Consol Cargo

For those who make their own consol boxes. (Get ready for some news about this group soon!)

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SCN E-Commerce

For members specialized on E-commerce business, that offers fast shipping, high quality, and reliability.

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SCN Exhibition & Cargo

For members specialized in those shipments which simply have to arrive on time. Too late means you miss the event!

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SCN 24/7 Cargo Group

It is a group of members who are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. For AOG, time sensitive  and extremely urgent shipments and assistance

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SCN Community Chat Group


The less formal one, where people can joke around a little. Helps to keep other groups more focused

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Have you found yours? Join us and take profit of being an SCN Member! Hope to talk with you soon…