A fond goodbye …

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This feels like a seriously long time ago!….2006?

For the many SCN members who have joined the network recently, you may have been suprised by so many messages expressing sorrow for the recent death of KEELY BARTON, previously of Wallis Shipping (Colchecter, UK). With so much networking these days, and so many hundreds of fleeting contacts it is unfortunately inevitable that some leave us. Its always sad to see that someone has passed away, leaving behind many with memories made instead of future possibilites. Keely was much more for me personally.

Keely and I crossed paths almost 20 years ago and looking back at my files of photos, I realise how many more images we have these days and how much more social media. Hence the rant and few pictures in this post. It was the starting days of networking between forwarders, when rates were obtained in a short few days by fax and clients were called and not on cell phones! It was more than the fact that we connected and talked by more rudimentary means, it was Keely’s phenomenally happy outlook on life that pulled everyone towards her. Mixed with Keely’s dose of professional understanding of logistics and Dave Lucia’s growing SCN network, it was always going to be a good cocktail.

An SCN dinner, somewhere, somehow, but always well accompanied

So many memories in so many places. From searching for a beer in Xiamen to trying to buy a glasses case in Miami. Too many pints of Guiness in Hong Kong or too little Corso Como in Milan. Clarke Key Singapore,  or so many other places. Often with her “better half”, Frank – what a team!

In recent years, cancer bore into Keely, which is why the newer members of SCN may not know her, but I’ve remained in contact with her and she showed an optimistic approach to her illness as she did with everything else in her life. I’d like to also thank Stuart of Wallis for supporting Keely in difficult times.

Sorrow for her leaving us? Of course. But more than that, I’d like to think that we all can learn a life lesson from her. Get out there with a POSITIVE attitude. Think the best of situations and people and you’ll get positive responses back. Keely was networking in times that now seem a lifetime away. I know I speak for many when I say we’re lucky to have been around in the same place.

Thanks Keely