Connecting and integrating:

between forwarders, between platforms,

 All within SCN!



  • Are you an independant forwarder with multiple agents around the globe?
  • Looking to connect with SCNers electronically for grater EFFICIENCY and fewer ERRORS?


How can independant forwarders compete with the efficiency of multinationals with data and shipments coming from all corners of the globe? The answer is SCN DATA HUB. One sole integration will connct you to multiple SCN members, whatever your ERP and software choice (and importantly, whatever theirs is too).


SCN has partnered with PSA Group to allow you to exchange data with your SCN members

  1. Bookings
  2. Pre-alerts & Manifests
  3. Pricing and rating (Coming soon)

Reduce the cost of integration by integrating just ONCE and making one fixed payment, whatever your traffic volumes between the members on the hub.


Types of Data
  • XML
  • X12
SCN Data Hub Subscription Benefits
  • Cost effective model to connect shipment/booking data with member
  • 1 Inbound and Outbound Connection
  • No long required to manage multiple agent connection and mappings
  • 1 Connection = multiple agent connections
  • Connect to existing subscribed members
  • Makes working together with members easier and more automated
  • Message Notifications and Auditing

#SCN Data Hub