Network Benefits

Trust and Confidence

In networking, its all about TRUST

SCN brings together quality independent international freight forwarders to form a GLOBAL ALLIANCE, providing a world-wide logistics solution for shippers and importers in all origins and destinations. Constant monitoring of quality of service and the members added to sharing of the knowledge, contacts and opportunities gives a network of trust and confidence for all.

Even the best focused local forwarder cannot “go it alone” in today’s global economy. A multinational may offer worldwide coverage, but not with the dedicated focus that SCN networking offers.

If you’re looking to move the smallest of e-commerce shipment to the largest of projects, our network will give you the logistics coverage you need. A quality network that you can trust.


SCN Membership Benefits

Ideal Coverage

SCN gives you global coverage in a manageable network so you can be part of the action worldwide. A controlled number of members per market according to size allows for a coherent network to maximise interactions.

Payment Protection

We’re backed with our own fund giving fast acting effective cover, whenever it may be needed. Coverage is given by Securityplus! to all members. For more information, please click here

Advice and Support

The SCN Technical Industry Advisory Panel (TIAP) is comprised of select SCN members representing the trading regions of the world. Its function is to provide answers to questions members may have, assist in dispute resolution when called upon, and represent the greater interests of all SCN members.

Screened Members and Partners

Not just a group of members -but active, screened and professional members and partners where you need them. Qualified referral companies available in all minor markets.


Focused Sub-Groups

Operate in ALL areas of forwarding, but FOCUS and break the ice with our sub-groups, with on line discussion and webinars. Sub-groups are formed due to organic interest of active members to network with others.

Regular Conferences and Meetings

Personal trust developed through international annual conferences and other face-to-face and community contacts.

Engaged with Clients

Not just partnering with forwarders but bringing you into contact with shippers too and offering communication platforms for individuals and groups.

Profile Visibility

Exposure of your specialities and activity to members across the network and vendors. Members of Security Cargo Network are listed in our online database, by means of a comprehensive profile including contacts, specialisation and activity.

Publicity and Member News

Publicity for your specialities and news through our newsletters and social media as other members and partners also share theirs for your benefit. Global information on rates, collaborations, projects, holiday and other business possibilities for you

Partner programs and Discounts

Preferred Provider Programs with Volume Discounts: SCN connects members with a variety of trusted suppliers and discounted rates from preferred partners. Services range from cargo insurance, charters, collection services, and information technology.

Join us to watch your business connections and sales grow in a secure manner.