A warm welcome to new faces in SCN!

Member News

New SCN Members:

We wanted to remind you of the new members who have joined your favourite network since the start of 2023. Please have a look and send a quick personal message if you have missed any. Full contact details are in their SCN member page (Click on each block for the link to the entry).

SCN is currently enjoing a controlled and designed growth in many markets, to ensure optimum coverage (without saturation of members) to allow for maximum opportunities and cargo flwos between members.






New Branch:

Here are NEW BRANCHES of existing SCN members – members who already collaborate from other locations and we’re enjoying supporting their GROWTH in the network.



IMPORTANT: Please always check on SCN’s Web page for a full list of SCN active members and companies you are protected with under SecurityPlus!

(Remember that if you have a print out, and changes since your last copy will NOT be reflected. SCN encourages real time checks on our web page)