ADV Logistics – Branching out: Laredo – New SCN Office

Member News

We’re pleased to announce that our member ADV Logistics, with offices in Mexico, is now adding a new office to the SCN Network in Laredo, Texas, USA. This not only represents a expansion of the company ADV, but importantly reflects its growing trade and customs coverage for Mexico-USA trade, specifically through the Laredo-New Laredo cross border point.


ADV LOGISTICS Warehouse – Laredo, TX

  • ADV has a strategic location. It is close to  Laredo Port, the most important between USA and Mexico.
  • 30,000 square feet
  • 1.5+ acre yard to store machinery in the open.
  • CCTV
  • Metal perimeter fence in good condition
  • Controlled access to facilities

Specialization and activities:

  • We can store dry cargo, spare parts and machinery
  • We do reviewing of merchandise before customs clearance
  • Loading and unloading  (We have equipment)
  • Coordination with carriers to cross border between Mexico and USA
  • In ADV we have the best technology and organization for the inventory management


2020 Jefferson Laredo Texas

78040, USA

If you require further details about the ADV’s Laredo office, please contact:


Yamile Reyes
Supply Chain Executive/Quotations
T: +52 (229) 201.10.70 ext. 114