Al Kazemi (Kuwait) shipment of 82 Cable Drums

Member News

Al Kazemi Int’l General Trading & Contracting Group, our long time member in Kuwait, handles all types of cargo, from personal effects, commercial cargo, oversized and even have their own chartering division, as part of the wider conglomerate of Al Kazemi

Specifically with regards to project cargo, Al Kazemi informs of a recent move from South Korea to Kuwait of cable drum.  The cargo was especialy complex due to the oversize and overweight nature of the cargo and moved as a conventional load to Shuaiba port

On arrival in Shuaiba port, the cargo was diven on a diverted route, due to weight and height restrictions and onto a housing project – a distance of 250 km (and that’s long by Kuwait standard!). Kuwait also suffered at the time of transportation from a lack of drivers, a situation made worse by Covid-19 lockdown. Another problem overcome by Al Kazemi

82 cable drums of 4.2m x 2.8m x 4.2m and a weight of 35 tons each.

We are pleased to see another shipment being professionally handled by our SCN member in Kuwait



For more information on project and other shipments in Kuwait, please contact:


    Shajy George
General Manager
    T: +965 25744781/82
    M: +965 66882424