Alfa Forwarding (Poland) offers customs services Pro Bono to Ukraine

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We are very pleased to be able to announce that Alfa Forwarding (Gdynia & Warsaw, POLAND) has informed that they have decided to offer:

Customs services Pro Bono (clearances, transits etc.) and forwarding services with no interest.

To whom it may concern,

Dear SCN Friends,

We’re all aware about situation currently happening in Ukraine. Our hearts are broken when such horrific events are taking place in our modern world. Almost all nations are concentrating efforts in order to stop russian invasion on Ukraine, therefore we would also like to play a smart part in helping our fellow neighbours. We deciced to handle all customs procedures with relief goods destined to Ukraine (imports, exports, transits) pro bono. We also declare to book and handle at actual costs all seafreights(to Gdynia/Gdansk seaports)/airfreight(Warsaw and Rzeszow airports)/roadfreight shipments (destined to south-east Poland, especially cities Przemysl/Lublin, where transits can be closed, and cargo can be reloaded to trucks going to Ukraine).

Unfortunately, EU so far did not implement simplified procedure for clearing from customs goods going into help for Ukraine, hopefully this will change soon.

Damian Kaczkowski
Kierownik Działu Spedycji Morskiej / Seafreight Manager
Alfa Forwarding Ltd sp. zo.o.
ul. Tadeusza Wendy 7/9 81-341 Gdynia Poland, NIP / VAT: PL5860203656
Phone: +48 58 660 59 14
Mobile: +48 663 660 026


We’re all so moved.” adds Damian Kaczkowski. “this is the biggest conflict since world war two. I’m aware, that there are many people who reject the invasion. I hope they’ll be able to organize and stand together against Putin’s regine and help to nternally weaken his position even more. Let’s hope for this madness to end as soon as possible

UPDATE – 23 March, 2022

we have just recevied an update from Alfa forwarding to indicate they have already cleared multiple airfreight shipments from USA and Canada, some trucks from NL and UK and over 40 containers, principally from USA and Canada.

Alfa is also in a cooperation with a Polish charity which can act as IOR (importer of record) meaning imports are not subject to VAT and duties.


We thank Alfa Forwarding for their generous offer and call out for other SCN members to offer their assistance where possible.

We’re proud to have you as membersat SCN!


For further information for assistance through Poland to Ukraine:

  •    Damian Kaczkowski
  •    Mobile: +48 663 660 026