AMTrans Logistics (Brazil) – Recent Changes

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It’s a pleasure for us to see how our members are constantly changing, improving and with news to share with all of us.

Our member, from Brazil, AMTrans Logistics shared with us a recent change they’ve implemented – they have joined DC Logistics to create a single group: Quattuor Holding.

“We continue with AMTrans and both companies will work side by side with better tools.

Please note that the companies will keep unchanged, which means both companies will from now on operate side by side and share the expertise they have in each market for a mutual benefit uniting our skills on the same purpose.

The structure of each company will keep unchanged, we will keep issuing our invoices and HBL’s/AWB’s as Amtrans Logistics and DC Logistics will issue their own invoices and HBL’s/AWB’s.

He and DC Logistics were bought from Quattuor Holding but we will keep both companies structure and Brands.”

Find attached the photo and video they used to promote this change:

AMTrans & DC Logistics – Quattuor Holding

Please note that with the changes, Felipe Favoreto will no longer form part of the Amtrans Team. We wish him luck with his future endeavours.

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Ramon Cathcart