Best Logistics Canarias (Tenerife) – Cyber Attack

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Once again, we need to warn of CIBER CRIMINALITY and for you to take a note to be careful.

Justin Lucilla of Best Logistics Canarias (SPAIN) has contacted us to inform not only that they seemed to be under a spam attack, where they were sending out e-mails, but also that somone had stolen their identity and was issuing invoices supposedly in their name.


“We have suffered a cyber attack and we have been sending out viruses since about a month or so.

We thought we had this under control, but we just found out today that our identity has also been robbed and someone is collecting money from people using our image and details…

The email address and phone nº are almost the same!

The domain should be:  and no other.”

A warning for all of us. Specifically with Best Logistics, please let them know if you have received any suspicious communications with incorrect invoices

Please contact:

Justin Lucilla