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We’re glad to share that the import department of BSI Shenzhen oceanfreight office have successfully completed a new project for one of stations of Shenzhen Metro Line 8.

New year, new achievement!

“We are all looking forward to the day when the Metro Line 8 is put into operation, so that can point to the speeding train to tell our friends: Look! We are involved in this important the people’s livelihood project and contributed our good work to it!

BSI has been working on the 1st  phase of Shenzhen Line 8 which will be put into operation around end of 2020. Our project has been  the movement of expensive train maintenance equipments from Europe.”

For more details, please feel free to contact :

Ms Rita Wei

Ms Jessica Tian

or ask Jessica about details when you meet her at SCN’s conference in Bangkok!



About Shenzhen Metro Line 8, also called Line YANTIAN

The section between Liantang Station and Yantian Road Station in Yantian District will be built underground, while the remaining part from Yantian Road Station to Kuichong in Dapeng New Area will be built on elevated bridges.

The route is expected to remove bottlenecks that cause heavy traffic in eastern Shenzhen, especially during weekends and holidays.

The line will run about 24 kilometers with 12 stations including one underground station and 11 stations on 20 kilometers of elevated bridges.

A maintenance depot will be set up in Kuichong and a parking lot will be built at Shangdong Station, according to the construction plan.

The extension of the line from Liantang Station in Luohu District to Yantian Port will go through Xianhu, Liantang, Wutong Mountain and Shatoujiao.

Four stations will be built on the extension of Shekou Line, a line that will link Yantian with Luohu, Futian and Nanshan districts. It will have an interchange station with Line 8 at Yantian Road Station.

Because the construction plan of Line 8, which planned to use maglev technology, drew protests from residents living in the Liantang and Shatoujiao areas, the city decided to use a monorail design. The maximum speed of the monorail is 80 kilometers per hour.

It will generally run at 35 to 40 kilometers per hour.

The monorail design relies on a rubber tire, making its running noise much quieter than a traditional train.

The rail will be built along the coast expressway.