Business as usual in difficult markets: Kiy Avia (Kiev, Ukraine)

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While most freight forwarders have their focus on exceptionally high freight rates, vessel delays and transportation bottle-necks, there are some parts of the world where logistics creates other challenges. Fortunately, in difficult times, SCN can count on strong professionality to give cover to members:

Kiy Avia Cargo (Kiev, Ukraine)

Kiy Avia has been providing forwarding and removal services in Ukraine since 2002 with a staff of 20 professionals, between their head office in Kiev and four sub branches around Ukraine. Their business has traditionally been based on airfreight, both inbound and outbound.

We are going through turbulent times due to political speculation but we have strong hope for peaceful trade” notes Ruslan Avdeenko, business development manager. He adds that on a positive note, despite all the difficulties in 2021, total number of deliveries was considerably increased, with largest growth being in airfreight. However,

with the reduction in purchasing power of Ukrainan business, turnover for all companies is in decline during the political turbulences

According to Avdeenko, the current situation with Russia has lead to a real gap in movements, with movements in 2021 sharply down in imports and worse in exports. But KiyAvia Cargo are compensating with a heavy focus on other trades:


  • Import and export from: Asia, Middle East, America & Europe   
  • “Hub & Spoke” partnerships in Ukraine for deliveries to: Central Asia, Transcaucasia, Belarus, Moldava

Shipping lines continue to service Ukraine and operate on all existing Black Sea routes (with some minor adjustments). Movements of a wide range of products continue to move currently, despite uncertainty. Kiy Avia Cargo is particularly pleased of the support of SCN and its members and the partnerships they have been developing. “From our side, we are standing for professional, reliable and safe partnership“.

Here at SCN, we are pleased and proud that cargo professionals can collaborate within our community, to boost and assist trade despite the political difficulties. Something to consider when you have a “few days” delay on a container delivery!

Of course if you need any assistance in Ukraine, do not hesitate in contacting:   


  •    Konstantin Grynko
  •    Managing Director
  •    KIY AVIA CARGO Ltd.
  •    Phone (+38 044) 299 00-51