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CIMC ADS  is one of the leading companies to provide Rail-Sea services in China as they benefit from government development plan and policy.

Pay attention to the following, something new for you to win. : )

  Do you want to reach more clients/biz from inland China? 

Besides those from coastal cities you work on, there is a huge client basis in Chinese inland cities, mostly connected by trucking service or a small part by reiver.

–  Did you ever face trucking high cost and even shorgate from mainland cities? Esp. during epedemic period.

We have rail connection to support as a good and reliable alternative.


CIMC group has launched Rail-Sea transportation for ocean shipments from inland cities, you can enjoy advantages as below:

  1. Cost-saving on pre-carriage, esp. for suppliers far from basic seaports;
  2. Flexible & sufficient empty containers to be used at local rail yard;
  3. More free detention days at origins;
  4. Frequent & stable rail schedule to ensure the transit time on pre-carriage.


Chinese Government cares about the development of inland areas very much, supported policy to make it better. And this is a mature service we handle some time already, a professional dedicated team on it with complete SOP, do not worry about it if any new trials.


Current 3 lanes via Shanghai/Shenzhen/Qingdao port, which cover well South/East/North according it’s convenience, details as below:


Lane 1: Via Shanghai port – To connect provinces of Zhejiang/Hubei/Anhui

Lane 2: Via Shenzhen Yantian port – To connect provinces of Guangdong/Hunan/Jiangxi

Lane 3: Via Qingdao port – To connect provinces of Shandong/Henan/Shan’Xi

Lane 4: Via Tianjin port – To connect provicnes of Hebei/Shan’Xi/Jilin/Ningxia/Yinchuan/Xinjiang/Inner Mongolia

If you are interested in this services or would like more information please get in touch with:


   Venessa Zhao
Key account Dept. & Import Dept.
   M: +86 13710868021


   Tracy Lao
Overseas Market Executive