Cristofersen, Argentina specialized in radioactive material

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While business in Argentina has never been simple, with almost impossible banking and trading regulations making operations in and out of the country fraught with difficulties, we are pleased to put the spotlight on CRISTOFERSEN INTERNATIONAL as one of our quality agents in the SCN community who has been with us since the start of the network, back in 2002.


Among the specialities of the forwarder in Buenos Aires are its movements in RADIOACTIVE material, possible due to its vast experience in dealing with this complex type of material and close contact on operational levels with its clients. Cristofersen International also handle all other types of dangerous goods, have another line in live animal (prodominantly domestic pet moves) as well as a full range of more conventional logistics services

Cristofersen’s main markets are Americas and Europe, with an increasing volume from the far east also.

If you would like to hear more about their RADIOACTIVE moves, or other logistics activity in and out of Argentina, please dont hesitate in contacting:



Gustavo Costantini
SCN Contact // Int. Sales
T: +541143140678
M: +5491167091032