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Please note details of departing members

Max Wings Cargo Co. (Kuwait)

Further to the suspension of this member, announced by SCN on 4th October due to failure to make payments to members on time, SCN has decided to definitively terminate the membership. Fortunately ALL funds have now been recovered but there remains doubts of their ability to make payments in a timely manner in future.

Please let us know if you have any outstanding matters


Air System GmbH (Munich, Germany)

We remind members that Air System is no longer a member of SCN after being absorbed by Gerbruder Weiss (announced on 8th October, 2021). Shipments made with either company are NOT covered by Securityplus!

If any member do have outstanding blances with Air System, we ask them to kindly settle all debts and inform us of any receivables due.


Securityplus! – Member to member payment cover

We are very pleased to inform that despite exceptionally high turn over between members as freight rates remain high, all payments have been returned to members during 2021 (with the slight exception of a $200 difference!)

Thanks to YOU and your prompt action, payments and information in making that possible. Please continue to keep us informed so that we can keep you covered and protected in your secure opreations in our community. Keeping the member’s payments puntual and secure is a job for all of us.



Securityplus! – We’ve got your back