FincoEnergies – New Partner

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SCN is pleased to confirm a new addition to the SCN community, extending our coverage to another partner.


We are an independent, leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. ​Our mission is to propel our customers’ transition towards a better world.​ At FincoEnergies we focus on providing low-carbon fuels, other energy and decarbonisation solutions. With these solutions, we empower our customers to calculate, reduce, inset and offset their emissions.

The Carbon Management team within FincoEnergies offers carbon calculation, calculation reduction strategy services and insetting and offsetting solutions with our GoodShipping and GoodZero brand. We work closely together with our sister brand GoodFuels. We can offer our solutions on a global scale. We can help you with avoiding, reducing and compensating your Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions.

Our Other divisions focus on the physical supply of (renewable) energy solutions to asset based logistics companies. Combined we aim to help companies decarbonise all scopes of emissions.

FincoEnergies offers SCN members a free discovery call for carbon calculations.

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Sophia Carrillo Beeck
Commercial Manager