“France: Biggest strike in decades coming up” – Rotra

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Dear fellow SCN members,


As you may have already learned, starting tomorrow December 5th France will be facing multiple strikes which will be seriously affecting all transportation modes. This strike could be the biggest the country has seen in years and many are predicting the country could come to an actual standstill. Some unions are aiming for a one-day action, others say they will be taking ‘unlimited’ action throughout December so the strikes may last weeks. To avoid serious delay of your shipments it will be necessary for you to take proper precautions for your shipments to and from France.


Rotra Air & Ocean would be happy to help you out during this period. By routing your air & ocean shipments through one of our offices in The Netherlands or Belgium you can still guarantee pickups and deliveries in France to your clients during the busiest period of the year. For your information we attached our transit times to and from France.


Please send your inquiries to one of the addresses underneath with partnerdevelopment@rotra.nl in copy so we can monitor.


Office: Email:
Air Netherlands ams.sales@rotra.nl
Ocean Netherlands rtm.sales@rotra.nl
Air Belgium bru.sales@rotra.be
Ocean Belgium anr.sales@rotra.be


May you have any further questions, please let us know.


Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ps. This message is not to solicit for shipments to/from France, only to temporarily help out SCN friends.

Sander Loois – Trade Lane Manager

Tel: +31.20.658.8717

Mov: +31.6.3016.8524