Fugui Logistics (Ningbo, China) supplying Tesla with electrifying success

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We are very pleased to hear of the involvement of one of our long term members, FUGUI (Ningbo, China) in and new and developing industry of electrical cars and its logistics.

Fugui is heavily involved in movements for electric car giant TESLA between China and Poland. They currently move subframes of Teslas from China to Poland while the also move car parts for Tesla Model Y from Poland to China. The traffic represents over 400 TEUs/month states Lisa Shi, general manager for Fugui from their office in China

Our SCN member is also about to break into the electric car brand’s traffic from China to Mexico and USA, with volumes of over 800 TEUs. The traffic involves various exporters, among them the major Telsa suppliers to the US. We look forward to further details on that as the traffic develops throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond.


If YOU have large volume and regular traffic to move in and out of China, be it a major traffic lane for a global brand or something smaller, why not connect up with Fugui to check options, or come along to our annual conference in Vietnam and meet up with Lisa to discuss possibilites in person.


Lisa Shi
General Manager
M: +8613957899190