Hellos and goodbyes – SCN member summary – 1st semester 2023

Member News



New SCN Members:

We wanted to remind you of the new members who have joined our network (or enrolled a new branch) since the start of 2023. Please have a look and send a quick personal message if you have missed any. Full contact details are in their SCN member page (for SCN members only)



https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/clx-logistics-llc/  https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/best-global-logistics-co-ltd/  https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/agem-cargo-s-a-s/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/grupo-logistico-del-plata-srl/https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/shams-qamar-logistics-services-co-ltd/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/blademar-logistics/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/member/logisturk-uluslararasi-tas-den-ve-dis-tic-ltd-sti/



New Branch:


https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/sachsenland-transport-and-logistik-llc/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/freyer-international-logistics-pvt-ltd-3/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/aci-cargo-logistica-s-a-2/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/kras-logistics-llc/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/sfo-san-francisco/ https://www.securitycargonetwork.com/office/world-transport-overseas-albania-shpk/


Departing Members

The following members have ceased to be members of SCN in first half of 2023 and coverage of operations under Securityplus! is no longer valid:

  • First Logix Shipping LLC (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
  • Roadtimes International (Shanghai, China)

IMPORTANT: Please always check on SCN’s Web page for a full list of SCN active members and companies you are protected with under SecurityPlus!

(Remember that if you have a print out, and changes since your last copy will NOT be reflected. SCN encourages real time checks on our web page)