Hevile Logística e Consultoria Internacional Ltda. (Brazil) – Charter flight for fresh tuna shipment

Member News

With the effects of Covid-19, some already most complex traffic, like the FRESH TUNA AIRFREIGHT market, have suddenly become much more challenging. Here are some words from our good member in Brasil, Hevile, on how they are handling the difficult situation…


“Constantly looking forward to serving its customers with the uppermost quality and promptness possible, through a scenario highly impacted by COVID-19, on June 20th, Hevile managed to carry out another highly successful operation for its fresh tuna exporting customers.

Tuna fishing is carried out with greater intensity during the full moon period, which makes the concentration of shipments on a certain date of the month. The challenge lies in exporting to the USA all the volume caught in a short period of time. What was previously done using passenger aircraft has become considerably more complex due to restrictions imposed by the American government regarding the entry of Brazilians into the USA as a result of Coronavirus. Another relevant point is the origin of the cargo, Recife-PE, is not habitually served by cargo aircrafts. The solution found then was to charter an aircraft to transport 35 tons of fresh fish to carry out the transport on the REC / MIA route.

We thank our team for their dedication to carry out this operation, also customers and partners for yet another opportunity and we are especially happy to fulfill our social responsibility of being able to keep numerous people working, several families fed at a time when we have seen so many layoffs and people facing difficulties in Brazil.”



If you require further information, or even if you are simply a content US sushi eater wanting to thank Hevile for their part(!)  please contact:

Vinicius Wanderley – CEO
T: +55 81 3465 1017
M: +55 81 98226 1645