Holship Norge A/S – New Director Business Development

Member News

Holship Norge A/S a group member of the Holship Group with offices in Denmark/ Sweden/ Norway/ Finland/ Estonia/ Latvia & Lithuania, is pleased to announce a new hire in the organization. Holship is a full flesh freight forwarder with many years’ experience in the Scandinavian and Baltic market. With own terminals/offices all over Scandinavia/Baltics and a dedicated team of professional freight forwarders, we have for the past 50 + years provided our customers with outstanding customer service and solutions for their logistical needs.

“It is with great pleasure that we introduce Joachim Wildner as the new Director of Business Development for the Holship Group, with extended knowledge in the market and many years of experience we believe that Joachim will be a phenomenal asset to the Holship Group” says Michael Ranners (Member of the board and Managing Director for Holship Norge AS).

As per 1/11-2020 Joachim Wildner will join as Director Business Development. This is a position that the members of the board have been looking to fill for quite some years now, but the correct candidate has not been available before now. “The new role is from our perspective a way forward to use the sales synergies between our 7 countries and 10 offices and make Holship Group an even more uniformed entity in the market today” says Michael Ranners

Joachim has for many years been an active part of the forwarding environment in Scandinavia and has held several management positions in different major freight forwarding companies in Scandinavia. We are happy to welcome Joachim onboard the Holship Family.

Joachim Wildner adds himself.:

It is with great pleasure to finally announce that I was offered and accepted the position as Director of the global development in the Holship Group. Have been in dialogue with Michael Ranners for some years already and I am pleased that the timing finally could make it happen. I am really looking forward to being a part of the Holship family and to meet with new colleagues, clients, agents and partners around the world.

I am a strong believer in the Holship philosophy being an independent strong player in the Scandinavia market as well the Baltics offering all aspects of transport, incl having a big fleet of trucks and terminals in all countries. By having this we can offer all services inhouse and have the full control of both the service and price structure which I am sure is a benefit and attractive for both our clients and agents around the world. Not many independent forwarders left covering Scandinavia as well as the Baltics.  

Further one of the other main reasons why I find Holship very attractive is the capability to make fast decisions as the company holds a flat management structure which is almost second to none for a company of this size.

For the past 25 years I have been holding various management positions in Scandinavia. I am looking forward to bringing all these years of experience, expertise and knowledge into the Holship group.

Again, really looking forward to meet all the new colleagues, clients, agents and partners around the world.

I can as from the 1st of November 2020 be reached at either +47 91730221 or jw@holship.com. You can also look me up at LinkedIn and send me message.