Kras Logistics – Situation in Ukraine & Russia

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Dear SCN friends,

More and more sanctions are currently coming into force against Russia and only a few goods can be delivered there and only over a few routes.
Many of these require prior permits to cross European borders. In our view, it is only a matter of time before sanctions are extended to all European-Russian trade and business relations.

The flow of money to and from Russia is also becoming increasingly difficult, but as of today, it has not yet been completely interrupted.
However, it is no secret that many Russian companies are currently quite passive in their payment obligations.

Our offices in Germany, Russia, Great Britain and France have of course been hit hard, especially by the embargo on aircraft spare parts.
Internal adjustments to the situation have already been made in the past few days. These measures do not include the dismissal of employees.

We hope for the continued support of the SCN partners and look forward to all kinds of inquiries!

The entire Kras-Logistics family is shocked by the attack on Ukraine and the consequences it has for everyone.

One of our vans will be used this upcoming weekend to deliver relief supplies for the Ukraine.
Our Christian charity also means that employees will take in refugees from the Ukraine.
The media and even personal experiences show that there is hostility of all kinds between Russians and Ukrainians on German soil. – This worries us greatly!

Our statement:
All our customers and friends, whether Ukrainians or Russians, will always be valued by us.

We will not stop praying for the victims on both sides and for PEACE!