Lasare Ltd. (Tbilisi, Georgia) – Lithium Batteries to Europe

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The stricter controls now in place for shipments containing LITIHUM BATTERIES and the increase in trade creates increasing problems for the logistics industry. If you’re having problems with a particular move, maybe the combined services of forwarding, airport handling and trucking in GEORGIA through Lasare could be the answer for you.


Lasare air cargo terminal has received a transit cargo of up to 100 tons of Samsung batteries from Malaysia by a Boeing 747.

In full compliance with the requirements of international standards, terminal has received, stored, and prepared dangerous category cargo for transit transportation.

The cargo was sent from Georgia to Hungary by trailers. All multimodal transit-customs procedures were performed by the logistics and brokerage department of Lasare.

George Nadirashvili
Logistics and Brokerage Service Manager
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