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During the current situation of Covid-19 coronavirus and the associated disruption to economic activity, very pleased to see that Leadership is both being responsible to the situation and being prepared and active:

“We are facing a critical situation here, hospitals are reaching their maximum capacity and there could be a dramatic situation in the next week or so when people will risk to have denied medical treatment, even with all the efforts from the central and local government and our brave doctors and other medical staff. 

In my opinion, one of the biggest mistakes was to think that the virus was only dangerous for elderly people that led many people to continue to carry on their normal lifestyles for too long.

It’s true to an extent that old people are more vulnerable, but when hospitals get saturated, a person regardless of his or her age can succumb from any disease or as a result of accident injuries if not promptly treated.

As you well said, stock market will suffer, oil prices have already crashed and we will probably will have to adjust our way of living and tight the bell, but health comes first.

Leadership Freight Italy is stimulating smart working with some people working from home. In normal circumstances, smart working (“lavoro agile”) is a working concept characterized by the absence of rigid working hours or spatial constraints. Tasks are organized by phases, cycles and objectives, established by agreement between the employee and employer; a modality that helps the worker to reconcile life and work times and, at the same time, encourage the growth of his productivity.

We are fully operative and hoping that this situation will improve with the warmer weather with the arrival of Spring and that it will not hit other countries as hard as it did in China, Italy, Korea and Iran.

Positive thinking is important! 

When the going gets tough the LEADERSHIP gets going!”

Our office may look deserted

and the situation is serious, and may look scary


but Leadership Freight Italy is fully operative from home!

  • Send you air enquiries,
  • or a container to be shipped somewhere
  • ….any offer needed? Our team is working for you

We are all linked to the office, warehouse, other Leadership branches and of course to the SCN Network!

When the going gets tough, LEADERSHIP gets going!



Gilberto Saporski Lopes
Managing Director

Cell: +39.3482.509160