“Man in the Middle” – Fraud Alert! (Ordan Cargo, Israel)

Member News

Once again, a note to be ESPECIALLY CAREFUL in business when we are told of changes in bank information, not just between SCN members, but with all partners, clients and suppliers. All too often, fraudsters intervene in communications and later send different messages from alternative but similar e-mail addresses to make you think it is a genuine request for payment but to another bank account. It can happen to any of us – and has in fact also happened to SCN

Someone is using Orr Pridan’s name with a different domain email account and giving a false Bank account.
Pls let the members know to check with our accounting department before making any payment.

This is the false address: orr@ordan-cargo-co-il.us

If you have doubts or require further information, please contact:

….and don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and check too! +972-3-542.4805