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Our member from Switzerland MC Trans has a lot of experience in the production of customized packaging, they offer a unique and integrated solution for the production of large quantities of packaging products from the design to the satisfaction of all mechanical and practical needs.

Thanks to their long experience, they have manage to find successful solutions in the creation of innovative packaging, security seals, custom labels and much more. Mc Trans is the only company in Switzerland that can apply 3 labels automatically, simultaneously.

The industrialization of the processes (from the design to the first samples, to the implementation and to the production line) is managed entirely by experts consultants. Furthermore, thanks to our logistics and transport services, they manage the stock and deliver the packaged product directly to the point of sale.

Now we know the best solution for packaging!




For further information, please contact:


    Corrado Bruni
Sales Manager
     T: +41 916955438
    M: +41 793583778