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Mc Trans is our new member in Switzerland, operating since 1998 in the transport, logistics and customs operations fields. Their main goal is to offer optimal and targeted logistics solutions. Thanks to their experience, each service offered is based on an accurate analysis of every specific case. As proof of the above mentioned they have a dedicate service form with 5 special trucks created to move machines up to 7 TONS.

INOUTIN service: The innovative solution for the delivery of the manufactured unit directly to the place of use.

IN OUT IN is a special service that is related to the transportation of machineries or big elements and also cars or other itmes that respect the following dimensions: 740x245x260cm h.  and max weight  7 ton

The special features of this service are related with 3 main topics:

  • Risk Management: the supplier will control and manage the risk of transportation from his production plant up to the warehouse of the customer/ buyer including the risks of unloading the ware from the truck.
  • New delivery term: the transport responsibility is now  different. We are not talking about a simple DAP or DAT (Delivery at place / at terminal) but DELIVERY UP TO THE UTILIZATION PLANT / DELIVERY UP TO THE WORKING SITE (in house directly). A patented electro-hydraulic handling system is the core of the system.
  • INOUTIN is environmental sustainability: The shipper will avoid the creation & costs to create the wooden case to protect the ware (strong reduction of wood consumption)

The containers are equipped with hydraulic lifting system for autonomous lowering, which allows the goods to be brought to the ground level in total safety, facilitating loading and unloading in total autonomy.



For further information and how MC Trans can help you, help the enviroment, deliver with passion….as well as to say a quick hello:

Corrado Bruni
Sales Manager
T: +41 916955438
M: +41 793583778