Megrex LLC (Georgia) handles AOG project cargo successfully

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Dear SCNers,

We are proud to share the information regarding the project we have handled for last 2 weeks. We were requested to move the Airbus A320 Neo new Engine to KUT airport and along the parts and send back removed engine back by air. All together 13 tones.

So, project including air charter and trucking between FRA-TBS-KUT-TBS-MST was fulfilled successfully. “Megrex LLC” keeps the position of the strongest AOG logistics operator in Georgia and the Caucasus Region. Hereby, we would like to underline the role of Lasare Ltd in distributing perfect handling service and Air Geo Sky for their support in transportation.

If you would like more information related with this project or any other please contact:


Givi Karchava
CEO / Air Division Manager
T: +995 32 24 23985
M: +995 593914108