Moldtrans group participates in the project of new Istanbul’s airport

Member News

They will transport more than 30 trucks with materials and equipment for the construction of several elements of this great infrastructure

Our member, Moldtrans Group, has been selected by one of the European contractors who oversees the construction of the new Istanbul airport, to transport to the Ottoman capital more than 30 complete vehicles with equipment and materials supplied by several suppliers located in Spain and Italy. The operation will be managed by the Full Load division of the Moldtrans branch in Barcelona and obtaining this contract has been possible thanks to the collaboration with Security Cargo Network (SCN).


The new airport in Istanbul, scheduled to open at the end of the year, will be the second largest in the world. It has a budget of 22,100 million euros and plans to receive more than 200 million passengers annually. Once put into operation, it will replace the current Atatürk International Airport and will become the third airport in the Turkish capital. With this infrastructure, Turkey aspires to become the main link for air communications between Europe and America with the Middle East, Asia and Africa, by offering more than 300 international connections to the main airports in the world.

David Farré, Director of Moldtrans Barcelona branch, highlights the importance of this contract and the weight that the company’s reputation has had for its election: “We are delighted to participate in this important project that will allow us to demonstrate again the solid operational capabilities of our company in the field of international land trans port. We have extensive experience in this type of complex operations of transporting large volum es of cargo over long distances, as well as in the management of customs procedures and coordination our correspondent in Turkey who participates in this important project. The fact that a Spanish company has been selected for this project is also an endorsement of the international projection of the transport and logistics sector in our country. Through global platforms, such as the Security Cargo Network alliance in which we participate, Spanish companies in the transport and logistics sector have the capacity to aspire to large international contracts like this project in Turkey “.

 Mr. David Farré