Moldtrans (Spain) – New marketing campaign

Member News

Our Spanish member, Moldtrans, has recently shared this press release about their new campaign:

The Moldtrans Group trusts to Kukyxumusu its new communication campaign for this 2020.

The creativity of this year revolves around the slogan “WE MAKE IT EASY”, accompanied by a funny design of the names graphic studio.

The Moldtrans Group, a leading Spanish operator of international land, sea, air, national distribution, logistics, fair and customs services, presents its new communication campaign for 2020, based on proximity and personalized attention. In collaboration with the well-known design studio that manages the Kukuxumusu brand, a fun creativity has been developed that represents the different services provided by the Moldtrans Group and is based on the slogan “WE MAKE IT EASY”

For a decade, the Moldtrans Group presents its communication campaign for the new year during the month of January, which is integrated into the different communication media used by the company. Each edition is committed to highlighting different corporate values ​​through different graphic elements and design styles.

The image of the new 2020 communication campaign of the Moldtrans Group clearly contrasts with the usual aesthetics in the transport and logistics sector in Spain and Portugal. It is a contrast that has been intentionally sought to capture attention, mark the aesthetic difference within the sector and reinforce the message. This is how Carlos García, Marketing and Communication Director of the Moldtrans Group explains:

“We wanted the new 2020 communication campaign to be attractive and surprising from the visual point of view, to clearly differentiate ourselves from what we see every day in the communication actions of the logistics sector. At the same time, we had to collect several of our main differential values, in this case the proximity to our customers and the personalized service we offer them at all times. We think that the result achieved thanks to the collaboration with the study that manages the Kukuxumusu brand perfectly reflects these objectives and will help us reach customers looking for quality transport and logistics services ”.

If you require further information about their new campaign, please contact:
Carlos García