New Partner – MDPC – Maugle Data Processing Center Pty Ltd.

Partner News


We are very pleased to confirm a new addition to the SCN community, extending our coverage to another partner.


MDPC – Maugle Data Processing Center Pty Ltd.


Maugle Data Processing Center (MDPC) was established August 17, 2015 as an Offshore Data Processing Business specifically catering to Australian and international clients via managed operations and services from Manila, Philippines for the Freight and Customs industry.

They offer cost effective, transparent, reliable, confidential and sustainable Offsite Solutions to your Operational Processing needs.

Equipped with vast experience covering all aspects of customs, warehousing, accounts, transport & freight forwarding integrated with their expertise in managing  offshore operations, including staff payroll, hiring, engagement, training and overall operational management.


MDPC will help you achieve your business goals faster and in turn give you that competitive edge!


For more information on MDPC  and how they can help you, as well as to say a quick hello and welcome to the network contact:


Tyler Maugle
Founder / Managing Director
+63 966 204 9430