New SCN Member: Dual Air & Sea Co., Ltd (Seoul, South Korea)

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We are very pleased to confirm a new addition to the SCN community, extending our coverage to another member for your shipments to and from South Korea.


Dual Air & Sea Co., Ltd ( Seoul, South Korea)


Dual Air & Sea Co. Ltd. was founded in 2018. The company is based on efficient distribution for export, import / logistics, domestic logistics, and international logistics. We lead domestic logistics and international logistics such aslogistics processing and storage.

Dual Air & Sea Co.,Ltd provides a more friendly and safe logistics service for our customers. With a customer-oriented strategy that has been strengthened in line with more customer-focused
thinking, the company has strengthened its logistics transportation based on information and tastes of the company, so that customer satisfaction can be achieved.



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Jieun Yu
Air Team Manager
T: +827044739421
M: +821052124895