Norman Global Logistics (China) – PPE handling / Medical cargoes shipping

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To keep our partners informed of regulations for the shipping of medical cargoes.

With the high demand from market to ship PPE & medical equipment from China and to navigate the fast changing regulations, please find the attached quick PPE guide from Norman Global Logistics.

PPE Presentation NGL (May 2020)

Key highlights as per below:

Guide & Tips for Shipping PPE Products

Secure that the producer and products meet the standards for your intended market.

1. Items must fulfil the standards for your market.

2. Shippers must be approved for export and listed.

3. Valid documentation for export.

4. China customs will inspect all shipments of PPE.

– Without correct documents, the whole delivery will be stopped.

– If stopped by customs, it is a lengthy process to return cargo to shippers.

– For some cases, the entire shipment may be confiscated by customs if significant errors with products/documentation. For example, if cargo marked with a medical label but the content is not for medical use.

– Correct labelling on all packing is required with relevant information: production dates, batch no., certification data, etc.

Please feel free to reach out to Stefan Holmqvust if you have any question: