Norman Global Logistics – China Supply Chain – Update

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Improving situation:

Businesses and transportation continue to return to China, and we are summarizing the current status to protect your supply chain.

The general situation with travel restrictions relieved further and continues to improve in China. Also, Jiangxi province and Chongqing have cancelled the numerous roadblocks that have been in force.

Drivers can now travel faster between cities with more efficient handling at the lesser health checks that remain in force. Some areas still have some checkpoints and quarantine actions in effect, but the situation keeps improving.


NGL Offices:

NGL offices in China have resumed operations.


Factory production:

Except for Hubei province, other areas continue to return to operations.

Further factories have returned this week, and the capacity keeps increasing at the started factories with more workers to reinforce production capacity after travel and quarantine.

Many factories still operate with reduced capacity & workforce but improving each week.

Several cities implemented 14 days of quarantine for workers returning from outside towns before they can resume working.

The larger-scale factories have returned faster and to a greater extent than the SME during this process.

We expect the deliveries from China factories will remain low during most of March.


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