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I am pleased to share with you a very positive angle on the life of an independant forwarder in these turbulent times. There is ALWAYS a lot to complain about, there have ALWAYS been better times…but equally, there is ALWAYS a way ahead and positive aspects to be appreciated.

With Brexit challenges, historically high import rates, new customs systems (and failures!)


I am loathed to complain about things because we cannot control: Covid, the insane freight rates and the partial collapse of supply chain infrastructure. We voted for Brexit etc.

For years we complain we are squeezed but now all bets are off in the industry and we have opportunities to show our stuff. Clients cannot find customs agents and the big boys don’t want to take them on and hold their hand.

Despite everything we are making OK money each month which given we are working in the worst global conditions ever I think is fantastic.

So my view is that this situation rather than being the worst thing ever might actually turn the best thing that’s happened in years for those companies willing to adapt and see the opportunities.

Hopefully when we do come out of the covid crisis a lot of SCN members will be well placed. Hopefully I’m not bankrupt in 6 months with egg on my face.


Richard, I share your positive forecast on the possibilites that are there for those who look for them. I’m not saying there is much choice! But time to show your profesionality and knowledge and for all the simple middle men who don’t add value to step aside!

Many thanks to Richard for your dose of positivity!

Here’s Richard’s email, in case you dont have it: richard.arnold@quick-cargo-service.co.uk

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