Remiro (Amsterdam, Holland) continues merger with Trustful Logistics (Rotterdam, Holland)

Member News

Many thanks to our member Remiro Freight Services in Amsterdam Holland for their time and visit of their offices near to Schiphol airport.

As you will most probably know, Remiro Freight Services focuses principally on airfreight services, which is why when the posibility of merging with Trustful Logistics BV, with their focus principally with ocean freight, the combination of services seemed a perfect blend. Both companies work with a wide range of SCN members after their long membership and the companies continue to operate separately with close levels of collaboration both in pricing, warehousing and other aspects of operations.

Remiro is currently taking steps to progress with their digital coordination and we look forward to seeing their new web page shortly with added functions to clients.

If you have request to or from Netherlands, please don’t hesitate in contacting the Remiro Freight Services team:


Robert Pas
General Manager

Guus Teeuwen
T: +31 204462333