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Rotra Green Footprint: Rotra compensates 903.157 kgs CO2 in 2018! Rotra’s fuel vision
Rotra compensates 903.157kgs CO2 in 2018 in cooperation with all Rotra Green Footprint clients and partners!
This is the compensation of CO2 released during 6750 shipments which have been shipped by road/air/sea for Rotra’s Green Footprint customers and partners.
“For Rotra, making the logistics chain more sustainable is one of the main targets in our business strategy. Rotra has the ambition to be a forerunner in the transition to a sustainable transport sector. In (March) 2019 Rotra invested in 14 new trucks on LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) as a sustainable alternative for diesel. We believe in LNG as a clean, quiet and safe fuel for now and the forthcoming years. With our ultimately goal is emission free.
In this transition route to emission-free, Rotra provides the Rotra Green Footprint service. With Rotra Green Footprint we offer our customers and partners the possibility to ship worldwide shipments 100% climate neutral by compensating CO2 emissions with investments in sustainable projects. We do this in collaboration with the certified organization Climate Neutral Group. Rotra is grateful to all its customers and partners who have contributed to this 2018 result and aims to provide a positive follow-up to this increase in 2019!
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Guus van Groningen