SCN Cyber Meeting: TAKING OFF – Airfreight Data

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Tuesday 3rd May 2022

TAKING OFF:Airfreight data (and what it all means for you)

Major upheavals in the logistics has seen freight rates increase severely around the world since Covid-19 affected many supply chain channels. With services stretched and in high demand, a collection of data and an understanding of the data points is more important than ever to be able to transmit to clients a projection of what the future has in store for freight rates. Massive ocean freight rate increases and delays make more look to airfreight as an option, with logical impact on rates. Airfreight routes and yields are in constant flux with route restrictions for passengers leading to many questions about rate

  • How does the lock-down of a city like Shanghai affect data on airfreight searches?
  • How can airfreight searches indicate freight rate movements?
  • What can data tell us about long term rate predictions?

Joins us and our invited guests from WebCargo / Freightos to learn more about the DATA behind your airfreights:

  • Judah Levine, Head of Research, Freightos Group
  • Ethan Buchman, CMO, WebCargo
  • Alexandra Escanero, Biz Development Manager, WebCargo

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(If you have any questions regarding data on airfreight rates to put to our panel, please contact us before:

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