SCN Cybermeeting – “Just Press The Button” – Implementing Digital Progress / REPORT

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SCN CYBERMEETING  –  Tuesday 14th February 2023


Interested in DIGITAL PROGRESS in PRICING?……so is the rest of your SCN Community!

Many thanks to the multiple members of SCN who connected up to our regular format of SCN CYBERMEETING. Three different zoom meetings, to allow members in different time zones to add to the conversation gave rise to three very different conversations.

Our first meeting (Asia/Aust focused) brought to light an interest in the subject of digital pricing, but the reality that many members were still dedicating staff to manual handling of rates and booking process with airlines and ocean lines. Larger SCN forwarders in the zone have their own made digital solutions, but these are clearly in a minority. We were given some digital insight by new SCN partner, Con-Linq

The second meeting (Europe, US, ME focused) brought more conversation from members who are already using digital software for organising rates and quoting to clients. Very positive feedback from those who commented: Cotransa (Spain), Quick Cargo (UK) and others shared their experiences of SCN partner WebCargo, and Cargo.One for airfreight rates and also Cargo Five for ocean freight rates. It was highlighted that although there were issues with using digitalised rating systems, these can be dealt with. By transmitting the digital offer of airlines and shipping lines, more of the limitations seemed to come for the lines themselves!

Members using rate management programs reported impressive saving in time while considering different options to quote and in preparing the quote itself. This allows more time for staff to be in contact with clients and understand better details of their business. Implementation of the programs were said to be positive, particularly programs for airfreight rates, and staff got used to the new systems quickly.

The third meeting, (LATAM focused – in spanish) was with a selection of SCN members from the region currently not using rate management programs. Air lines of the region seem to be less digitally prepared meaning that rating programs give rates from a lower percentage of airline options due to lack of API connections for rates and booking. However, this is changing and more airlines are waking up to the needs of the industry. Clients in the region are not currently showing an interest in this type of service – although it is suspected that once they start to see this, they’ll see the advantage. We would still recommend that members considered testing rating programs so that they are ready for when the market in LATAM demands it.

We will shortly be preparing the videos of the meetings – particularly the video of European members would be of value for SCNers who were not able to connect, to see benefits. Please also let us know if you’d like to be put in contact with partners and program options discussed


In conclusion, it is time to look around and act to be ready for trends. Even if your clients are not requesting faster rates now, they WILL do. The majority of forwarders are still using more manual methods of managing the numbers, so you’re not alone (and there is no shame in using an excel sheet, despite hype!). Be ready…look now.


SCN is always interested in healthy debate among forwarders. If there is a subject matter that YOU are interested in, to discuss with your agents, please let us know and we can propose our next SCN CYBERMEETING to hear the views of your fellow SCNers and maybe some invited guests




For those who were not able to connect up and have not previously participated in the debates among SCN members, please give it a try! Its free, its easy and its an important part of participating with your network.


What is an SCN Cybermeeting?

SCN Cybermeetings are zoom meetings of approx 45-60 mins

We hold three meetings on the same topic to allow you to join at a convenient time according to your time zone

SCN Cybermeetings are our member’s opportunity to see and be seen – hear and be heard.

SCN Cybermeetings are FREE and we encourage all members and their contacts to join us.