SCN Help for your visibility and communication: VIOLETA

Member News

Dear Members & Partners,

You probably all know Violeta, our Community and Events Manager.

Of course, those who came to the Lisbon conference will have met her face to face. Those who were not able to come may know her from our Social Media activity, newsletters or from emails asking you for news.

We want to remind  you all that SHE’S THE PERSON to share information on your last projects, notable shipments, specialised traffic and your collaborations between members – or anything you want to share with the SCN Members and Partners. Just talk with Violeta

News items on newsletters do not just get announced to the whole SCN community by our weekly newsletter, but are also pinned to your profile so everyone can see who’s active in the network, ultimately getting you more collaborations from other members.

For all your announcements and and activity, don’t be shy……Just ask Violeta


Violeta Capell

Community & Events Manager