Evergrow Logistics (and mooncakes!) – Interview

Member News

We are pleased to be able to share with you a recent interview with our member in Xiamen, EVERGROW LOGISTICS. We thank them for giving us their insight into current activity


  • What would you say is your company’s specialty? In what areas can you best assist the fellow members?

Focus on integrated logistics 23 years and as China AAAA logistic company, which customers and partners can definitely trust and reply on.  Not only general biz service ,but also project and supply chain management biz. 

  • Do you have any recent projects or recently added services you would like to share with our fellow members?

Evergrow achieved a new project ex Xiamen to Japanese base ports with annual volume over 2000 40HQ in August of paper bags…..a “sunrise industry”.

Evergrow added a new advantage for SOC free using with SCN’s partner Contanier xChange. 

  • Which areas of your business are you focusing on in 2019 and beyond? How can SCN members help you reach your goals?

Except traditional export biz development, we are focusing on globe import service to China incl. Hope members can negotiate potential biz with Evergrow more frequently.

  • What are the unique challenges of doing business in your country? How is your company able to ease these challenges?

More intense competition in the international market,we added new core biz like import one-stop service and domestics sea biz, and mostly important, changed our mind that not only providing logistics service but also solving and satisfying all customers’ needing over their expect(surely legal).

  • Share some interesting facts about your country. It’s always great to learn more about the different traditions and cultures that make up our network!

Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated on 15th in August in Chinese lunar calendar. It can be regarded as the most important festival in China except the Spring Festival. The festival can be traced back to Tang Dynasty and have been celebrated more than 1300 years. It’s a very specail time for family reunion. Many ancient poetry were made to describe how people celebrate the festival and the unique experience and feeling.

During the festival, Chinese family will enjoy the full moon together, eat the moon the cake and wish  all the best in life. It is also a special time for Chinese out of hometown to miss their hometown and relatives. Besides admire the full moon and eating moon cake, different area in China also has its own traditional activities. Today we would like to specially introduce moon cake game in Xiamen during Mid Autumn Festival.

In the ancient time of Xiamen, to appease the soliders who miss families and hometown during the festival, the moon cake game was invented and spread out in Xiamen.
A big box of mooncake with different size will be prepared for the game. They represent different ranks in ancient imperial examination. The biggest mooncake represent Number One Scholar. All the familiy members will stand around the table and play dices to compete points. Lowest points will get the smallest mooncake until highest points gains the biggest mooncake. People who win the biggest mooncake in the game will be regarded as Number One Scholar and the one who will have the best luck in the coming new year. When Coming into the modern time, more and more companies also hold mooncake games during the lunar August to motivate the team. And mooncakes are changed to all kinds of gifts for more fun. Evergrow also hold mooncake games each year during Mid Autumn Festival and enjoy the most happy time together with Xiamen City.

You are welcome to Xiamen and experience the most special Mid Autumn Festival and enjoy mooncake game. You might become Zhuang Yuan (Number One Scholar and most lucky person). 🙂 .