Norman Global (Hong Kong) – Rail Team

Member News

We’re glad to see how SCN Members are constantly growing. Today it’s time to talk about our member Norman Global, from Hong Kong and its continued growth of their rail team.

Let’s read what they explained to us:

“In 2017 we opened the specialized rail department within NGL in China. Since then the department has continued to grow our Rail traffic strongly each year. Historically it has been mainly westbound traffic from Asia to Europe, with full loads containers or with LCL part loads.

With growing knowledge and reputation in the market for the rail service, we recently were interviewed in Dragon News re the gigantic Silk Road project and how it drives substantial growth in rail freight to and from China.

In the interview, Stefan recounts how businesses and service for rail freight between China and Europe had grown rapidly after the Belt Road Initiative (BRI).”

Follow THIS LINK to read the complete interview!

“Further to the westbound freight our team also increasingly handling eastbound, import movements into China.

Presently Norman Global are moving an industrial assembly line into Tianjin in China from Europe. Loading batches of 15–20  x40 units per move from Europe to China.

NGL Rail department coordinating trucking and customs formalities at the origin in Europe and the further loading to rail for transport into Tianjin, China.”

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