Best Services Int’l Freight Ltd. (Shenzhen) – Consolidation Service

Member News

We are pleased to inform that Best Services Int’l Freight Ltd. has joined our efforts to connect members more effectively by informing of their own consolidation services

They operate their own consol boxes as follows:

All air contracts:

HU: Diamond agent, Export volumes TOP 1
CZ: Export volume to Dubai (DXB) TOP 1
MU: More than 100 tons to EU&USA montly
CA: Export volume to JNB TOP 1
ZH: Export volume TOP 1

Charter Services:

Shenzhen-CSX-ORD / Frequency: Mon,Thu,Sat / B747F Aircraft / Capacity:110 tons
Shenzhen-HFE-ORD / Frequency:Mon,Wed,Sat / B747F Aircraft / Capacity: 110 tons
Shenzhen-NGB-ORD / Frequency: Mon,Fri / B747F Aircraft / Capacity: 110 tons
Shenzhen-NKG-JFK / Frequency: Mon,Wed,Fri / B747F Aircraft / Capacity: 110 tons
Shenzhen-HGH-JFK / Frequency: Mon,Thu,Sat / B747F Aircraft / Capacity: 110 tons
Shenzhen-TSN-HHN,OSL / Frequency: Fri,Sun / B747F Aircraft / Capacity: 110 tons
Shenzhen-CSX-BKK / Frequency:Tue,Thu,Sun / B737 Aircrart / Capacity: 12 tons
Shenzhen-CSX-SGN / Frequency: Mon,Tue,Wed,Thu,Fri,Sat / B737-300F Aircraft / Capacity:12 tons
Shenzhen-CSX-DAC / Frequency: Mon,Wed,Frd / B757F-200F Aircraft / Capacity: 28 tons

They will have more charter flights in this year, will keep informing.

They are making the consolidations from their Shenzhen warehouse to all above the Chinese mainland airports.

They also have daily trucking consolidation services from Shenzhen to HKG airport or Guangzhou airport.

“We have good skilled to deal with buyer consol in south of China by ocean, different suppliers located in different places for one same cnee, we have warehouse svs in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Zhuhai, Shantou ect , make HKG as a hub then consol the box to worldwide. Until now we have serve the client in Inter-asia, India, Turkey, UAE, Latin America, USA, Canada, Euro ect. From China via HKG to Belfast, UK is the regular route and the only one direct consol forwarder in Shenzhen market.”

For more details about their consols, please contact:

Jessica Tian