SCN REFERRAL REQUESTS: Agents required for open markets

Member News
Its been another one of those weeks when members have asked for help in new markets, reminding us that there is a BIG WORLD out there (and a lot of cargo that needs moving!)
Referrals are one of the most effective way of getting SCN to grow, so we want you to “bring a friend” for where they are most needed. If you have a contact…make their day….and put us in contact.
  • Give cover to your SCN colleagues
  • Give a boost to your non-SCN member agent
  • Joint marketing for you and your referral party
  • …….and get yourself a REFERRAL FEE to decrease your membership by US$500.00!… .if your referral party signs up in a market where we need cover)
Open markets:  This week, we’ve been asked again for recommendations for YEMEN. Note also other open markets that have been requested recently
Got a friend to recommend?……Want some help in finding cover?…..