SCN Regional Meeting – Guardians of the Ocean!!

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SCN’s 3rd Regional Meeting: Cartagena, Colombia – 19th to 21st April, 2023

##Guardians of the Ocean##

Wednesday 19th April, 2023

For our 3rd Regional meeting we’re very pleased to confirm we have organised a pre-conference environmental activity to care for ecosystems :

Cartagena is a city surrounded by water. Our ecosystems include swamps, islands, islets, streams, beaches, mangroves, and corals. Everything is interconnected and everything flows into the sea!


Mar Limpio is a campaign and platform for education, awareness and environmental action to care for ecosystems and to combat plastic pollution in the sea and in the bay of Cartagena. We can all be guardians of the ocean!


Join us on Wednesday 19th April and lets help to clean-up!


If you wish to know more about this project please visit their website:


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