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SCN is not just a network of members – Its a network of members, WORKING TOGETHER
Let us see how we can work more closely:


All SCN forwarders can adapt to a challenge but certain forwarders have dedicated services for their clients, which SCN members can take advantage of and work together.
Specifically CONSOLIDATION of ocean freight (LCL) as well as weekly AIRfreight consolidations. Let us not forget also Truck consolidations (LTL) and also RAIL consols. Currently operative, regular and own services that can serve the SCN community. Why give your cargo to a multinational, when your SCN colleague may be able to assist. From there, build the relationship into something wider!.
Let us also ensure optimum service for our clients, with no “destination surprises” due to high rebates. That has no place for long term collaboration between members. All services must be able to include end to end control on costs.
Find your SCN partner now for your spot shipments and regular traffic alike.
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…..and above all, if you have your own service to add, please let us know, so we can upload it. Contact on